Our Work

  • ONS: Felicity’s Story
    ONS: Felicity’s Story

    We worked with ONS's marketing team to produce a series of commercials that share patients' experiences with the orthopedic services ONS provides. Jeff directed, photographed & edited the patient testimonials commercials.  


    We photographed and edited this video for WESTMED’s Reproductive Services that treats women and couples experiencing reproductive problems.

  • Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
    Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

    Separation of Conjoined Twins, Jeff spent over 20 hours in and out of the operating room filming the procedure and interviews. He documented this team of outstanding healthcare professionals perform the amazing and successful surgery.


    Jeff filmed and edited this video for AMG Funds, it highlights how AMG Funds provides access to premier asset managers through their unique partnerships.

  • Boys and Girls Club
    Boys and Girls Club

    With a nostalgic opening and an energetic feel, we helped tell the story of The Boys & Girls Club by producing a short fundraising video that highlighted the importance of this organization to the community it’s served, for over 100…

  • WMC Health
    WMC Health

    In the past few years Westchester Medical Center has become WMC Health, encompassing 10 hospitals throughout the Hudson Valley. Using drone photography, interviews with the CEOs and B-roll in the hospitals we photographed and edited this video that tells their…

  • Youth Shelter of Westchester
    Youth Shelter of Westchester

    For over 40 years, the Youth Shelter Program of Westchester, Inc., has been providing a home-like alternative to jail for young men awaiting disposition of various criminal charges. The YSOW has helped hundreds of young men to address their educational…

  • Hudson Link
    Hudson Link

    Incarceration is not an automatic sentence for failure. Given the right resources, men and women in prison can move beyond their worst moments to become valuable members of society. Jeff directed, photographed & edited this short video of one man’s…

  • SPCA

    The annual gala is the major fund raising event for the SPCA which relies solely on the financial support of the community to continue it’s life saving programs for stray and abandoned dogs & cats. We’ve worked with the SPCA…

  • Concordia College Commercial
    Concordia College Commercial

    Working with Concordia College’s marketing team, Jeff directed, photographed and edited this commercial for their MSED program.

  • Greenwich Hospital
    Greenwich Hospital

    We’ve helped the Foundation team at Greenwich Hospital for the last 9 years produce videos that highlight the importance of community support for this vital institution, using our expertise with in-hospital shooting, and combining the highly technical and highly personal…

  • Westmed Art Therapy
    Westmed Art Therapy

    Working with Westmed's marketing team we photographed and edited this short video that tells the story of a patient's journey leading to her art therapy workshop with Westmed.

  • The Ursuline School
    The Ursuline School

    Jeff photographed & edited this promotional video for The Ursuline School. Having the students and teachers speak directly to the camera produced a impactful and effective testimonial presentation.

  • Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
    Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

    1.6 million Americans are living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the cures for these diseases. Jeff directed and photographed this fundraising video for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

  • SRS Software
    SRS Software

    We shot and edited this corporate capabilities video for SRS Health, the healthcare industry leader in productivity-enhancing EHR and healthcare IT solutions.

  • MFCH Superbowl Commercial
    MFCH Superbowl Commercial

    Maria Fareri Children's Hospital commissioned us to make a short documentary video of the surgery to separate conjoined twins. From the 4 minute video they asked us to edit a 30 second commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

  • Sarah Lawrence College: SLCeeds
    Sarah Lawrence College: SLCeeds

    At Sarah Lawrence College the SLCeeds program represents the intersection of education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students take part in a five-day intensive that focuses on idea generation, validation and testing leading to a plan with a sustainable solution. They present…

  • GE Houston
    GE Houston

    This video was produced for GE Houston, highlighting the opportunities they offer to attract qualified talent to their Houston location. Jeff filmed for three days in Houston to capture interviews and B-roll footage.

  • Lustgarten Foundation
    Lustgarten Foundation

    The Mission of The Lustgarten Foundation is to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. We photographed and edited this PSA to raise awareness and participation with their walks, a vital part of their fundraising efforts. 100% of the money raised…

  • Concordia College Nursing Program
    Concordia College Nursing Program

    Working with Concordia's marketing department we produced this 30 second commercial for their Nursing program that highights the cutting edge laboratory where students learn nursing skills.

  • Academy of Mount St. Ursula
    Academy of Mount St. Ursula

    The Academy of Mount St Ursula located in the Bronx NY needed a commercial to promote their open house, with a limited budget we photographed and edited this commercial that captured the spirit of their school.

  • Lustgarten Foundation
    Lustgarten Foundation

    Pancreatic cancer is often labeled a silent disease because many times the signs and symptoms can go unnoticed until the cancer is in the advanced stage. The Lustgarten Foundation's mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to…

  • JDRF

    JDRF’s highest priority is funding research to deliver a cure for type 1  diabetes and its complications. For the last four years we successfully produced the Westchester Fairfield Chapter’s Annual Gala video,  photographing & interviewing the families and editing the videos.  

  • Zwilling Chef’s Knife
    Zwilling Chef’s Knife

    Working with the marketing department of Zwilling we located the kitchen for the shoot, photographed and edited this short web video.

  • The German International School
    The German International School

    The German International School recently went through a rebranding process including a new name, logo and website. They wanted a homepage video that welcomed the viewer to the school. Jeff interviewed the teachers, parents and students who gave a first…

  • Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
    Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

    Jeff directed, photographed, and edited this fundraising video for the hospital's Gala.

  • Concordia College Pre-Sem Program
    Concordia College Pre-Sem Program

    Discernment is noticing what God is doing in the world. This video examines Concordia College's unique Pre-Sem Program, giving students real life experiences ministering and helping them discern their purpose in life.

  • Columbia University
    Columbia University

    Working with the TMP Worldwide and Columbia University School of General Studies we profiled returning and nontraditional students who shared their stories in an energetic piece to aid enrollment efforts.

  • PNY

    We worked with PNY’s marketing department to produce this corporate capabilities video highlighting their new facility, we used our Dana dolly and camera crane to produce some dynamic shots.

  • Verizon Recruitment
    Verizon Recruitment

    Advertising agency TMP Worldwide contracted with us to produce a corporate video for Verizon, highlighting the opportunities that exist for their interns. By focusing on a day in the life of one Verizon intern, and using pop-up factoids, we helped…